2019-20 Scholars

Our Scholarship programmes support exceptional men and women who want to positively transform attitudes towards Muslims in the UK, or facilitate better representation and contribution of the Muslim community to civil society. 
Our 2019 Scholars:
Yussuf Abdi
MSc Chemical Process Engineering, UCL

Studying this Masters, I hope to achieve a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and principles of process engineering to help better prepare me for a successful career in the Process Engineering sector. Technology, innovation and engineering are fields of ever expanding and crucial significance to development in our society, therefore it has never been more imperative for the youth in our communities to be encouraged and motivated to study STEM subjects and to establish and secure roots within these key sectors. As an engineer I hope to be at the forefront of design and innovation to inspire the youth in our community.

Samira Abdullahi
MSc Development Psychology and Psychopathology, King's College London

Having graduated with a Bachelors in psychology, I now want to complement my general expertise with specialist knowledge in Development psychology, focussing on children and adolescents. Gaining some experience in the clinical field, when dealing with patients I have noticed a huge gap in the representation of professionals. I have seen Muslim patients for whom treatment options are influenced strongly by religion. With this degree, I want to become a qualified clinical psychologist, as well as the voice for individuals overlooked by the system.

Tasneem Abdur-Rashid
MA Creative Writing, Birkbeck University of London

They say that the pen is mightier than the thrust of the sword, and it is this need to make a difference towards the lives of British Muslims – particularly British Muslim women of colour – that has pushed me to undertake an MA in Creative Writing. I have been an avid reader and writer ever since I could grasp a book/pen in my grubby hands, and to that end, completed my first degree in Creative Writing over a decade and a half ago. Now, I have decided to go back into education to further hone my craft and nurture my talent in order to achieve publication in the UK. Through my writing, I hope to bring a much needed lick of colour to the publishing industry, telling stories that celebrate the culture and identity of today’s British Muslim woman.

Ali Adam
Prof Doc Counseling Psychology, University of Wolverhampton

I am a firm believer in the power of educating the masses to bring about the necessary changes within social systems. This is particularly the case for Muslims, considering the emphasis religion places on both education and justice; so I strive to instigate change within local communities through engaging in and supporting social-political awareness campaigns. With an undergraduate psychology degree and MSc in child and adolescent mental health, I am well placed to specialise in youth mental health and to use my limited knowledge to create awareness, alongside passionately advocating for youth involvement and empowerment. As well as working as a NHS assistant psychologist, I am currently training to qualify as a psychologist-practitioner.

Aisha Ahmed
MSc Counselling, Goldsmiths University of London

From a young age, I always knew that I wanted to give back and help others. Having experienced my own difficulties and caring for loved ones with mental health issues, I can appreciate how important it is for us particularly within the Muslim and Asian community to provide a voice to those who may be suffering, allowing them to be heard. Studying Psychology with Counselling skills at University was incredibly insightful for me, and by studying this Masters I aim to try and further my understanding of psychiatric disorders and apply this towards helping those who may need it most, particularly those in my own community.

Mohamad Khalil Ahmed
MSc Artificial Intelligence, King's College London

I have a BSc in Computer Science and a year’s experience in industry at IBM as a Software Engineer. I think that, Insha Allah, just like the Industrial Revolution and the Technological Revolution that followed it, we are entering a new era driven by AI. It is therefore essential for Muslims to be represented in the AI and technology fields so that any new world will incorporate a vision of Islam and hold the best interests of Muslims and the world at large in mind.

Vaseem Ahmed
MSc Human Resources Management, Birkbeck University of London

I am an award-winning Executive Recruiter and Marketeer with over 20 years experience in the Telecoms, Digital and Technology sectors. I have an excellent track record in Sales and Marketing for some of the world’s leading companies including BA and Vodafone and startups such as Vizzavi and T-Motion. Having seen a gap in the market, I established Capumen Executive Recruitment in 2010, recruiting to C-level positions for international companies such as Vodafone, Amazon, Samsung and multiple innovative startups. I am also a trustee of Redbridge Islamic Centre, managing and mentoring volunteers from the local community.

Waheed-Ul-Rahman Ahmed
MSc (By Research) Molecular and Cellular Medicine, University of Oxford

I am a medical student passionate about academic surgery, currently studying the genetics of elastic tissue disorders: diseases which commonly inflict patients I have seen in hospital. I am on the committee of the Oxford Muslim Medics Society and hope to work closely with the Saïd Business School to develop as a MedTech entrepreneur. I have 17 publications in academic journals and 45 academic prizes and awards, including the BAPRAS John Barron Prize. Previously, I have led the Exeter Surgical Society, was a BMA national student representative, and pioneered initiatives such as the National South West Plastic Surgery Conference and Exeter Charity Week. My leadership contributions led to me being awarded Exeter University’s ‘Student Leader of the Year’.

Zahraa Ahmed
MPhil Sociology, University of Cambridge

My Masters aims to focus on the disposability of life in Britain and whether certain lives are worth more than others. With rising levels of Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia evident in society, it’s important to demonstrate how rhetoric impacts the way we view human life and work towards policies that eradicate inequality. Having worked actively in the Muslim community for the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver some incredible projects and I hope to continue working towards social equality and improving community ties. In my free time I love to read and write articles for a range of different platforms.

Sibia Akhtar
MA History, University of Manchester

I have just completed my undergraduate in History and Sociology at the University of Manchester. I have decided to embark upon a History MA, thanks to the Aziz Foundation scholarship. I wish to promote inclusivity and decolonise the curriculum, by ensuring that minority students have a voice: this is why I am a contributor for the student led magazine, ‘in: Colour’ because documenting and sharing our voices is essential in creating awareness of our history. Further, I attend talks held by ‘Race, Roots and Resistance’ whereby activists and academics address critical race issues through teaching and public engagement. I am also interested in investigative journalism and recovering the long history of state violence of ethnic minorities and bringing this to the public domain.

Nour Al Ahmad
MA Architecture, Royal College of Art

As an aspiring Architect, I aim to utilise my skills and experiences to address critical socio-spatial issues through purpose-led design. My undergraduate studies at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture has reinforced my ambitions to specialise in the humanitarian and post-disaster architectural field. Upon completing my Masters, I hope to actively engage in civic redevelopment efforts within architectural practice, as I believe that this field must respond more effectively to current global crises and the ever-changing spatial needs of communities.

Rasha Alhaj
PhD Cancer Prevention, Queen Mary University of London

I consider myself to be an inventor, having undertaken ground breaking research, discovering the substance in honey that inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. I am also the founder of “The Amal Initiative”, a project to bring healing and hope to cancer patients. A particular highlight of my career thus far was receiving the Afrabia Afro-Arab Youth Award in 2015. I have previously graduated with a BSc in Biological Science from UAE University, completed an MSc in Chemical Pathology at University of Putra, Malaysia, and hold an MRes in Bioengineering from Imperial College London.

Haamed Al Hassan
MRes Vision Sciences, Cardiff University

As a Junior Doctor, I have aspirations to dive deep into academia alongside my clinical commitments on the hospital floor. Having published clinical research, now, as an Aziz Scholar, I have the opportunity to pursue ground-breaking, translational research in my area of interest – Eyes and Sight. My research will look at rescuing vision loss in experimental glaucoma. I am involved with the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) Careers Team and also EyeHeroes, the UK’s first child-led campaign to fight avoidable blindness, as the Wales National Lead. In my free time, I like to teach, travel and play sports.

Aisha Ali
MSc Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

I have a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science and hope to further enhance my career prospects by pursuing this MSc in Public Health, with a special interest in women’s health and mental health. As a Muslim, there is a lot of cultural issues and stigma surrounding these topics. I hope to be an advocate in developing policies that facilitate greater accessibility of services, open conversations, education and implementation. In my spare time, I am an avid reader, writer and poet. I believe words are powerful when used correctly, providing insight in all matters.

Hassan Ali
MA International Relations, University of York

I studied Social and Political Sciences at the University of York. My thesis examined the impact of the Arab Spring on the Gulf Monarchies and reflects my interest in studying the means through which the GCC states have attempted to secure stability. I seek to continue at the University of York by studying for an MA in International Relations, to further understand contemporary international events, their causes and repercussions in greater depth. I hope to inspire and motivate more Muslims to pursue a career within the political arena and to push for meaningful dialogue and change.

Mohamed Ali
MSc Global Health Policy, LSE

Having grasped the notion that heath is more than a medical matter during my Global Health degree at King’s College London, I have been able to critically understand and apply this approach – that these disciplines are complex and implicate others – to all fields that concern health. This Masters will allow me to have a better insight into the social determinants of health and the implication this has on the Muslim community locally and globally via policy. In my free time, I am an avid photographer and enjoy talking health on my podcast.

Mohomed Ali
MSc Bioinformatics, Queen Mary University of London

After graduating in Biomedical Science from King’s College, I went on to work with communities and local councils, and undertook the IVLP with the US Embassy to better understand lobbying. More recently, I have been working in a local charity, focussed on policy around integration and hate crime. Having lately completed the ATM Fellowship, I began coordinating coding classes with youth centres and became interested in the application of technology within Biology. Further interests include the utilisation of coding, data analysis and machine learning to facilitate biology research. I hope, through my studies, to encourage Muslims into STEM as well as improve UK health outcomes.

Rubbia Ali
MSc Psychiatric Research, King's College London

Andalusian scholar, Ibn Ḥazm, once said, “I searched for a common goal amongst humankind, to which all would agree to strive for excellence. I have not found anything other than the vanquishing of anxiety.” The Aziz foundation has aided my journey in pursuing a career in clinical psychology by sponsoring a Masters in psychiatric research. Through this profession, I aspire to transform how mental health conditions are viewed and catered for, both socially and clinically within the Muslim and wider community. Further, I seek to bridge the gap between Islam and psychology, whilst simultaneously shattering the toxic narratives attributed to Muslim women sporting the jilbab.

Zeeshan Ali
MSc Social Science of the Internet, University of Oxford

Currently working as a Media and Policy Analyst, I have a keen interest in how the representation of Muslims and Islam in discourse impacts the prevalence of Islamophobia. I believe that tech-based companies, in particular, social media platforms, are quickly garnering a monopoly over the production and transmission of discourse. I hope to utilise my MSc to investigate how the Internet, and Internet-based technologies, impact that production, maintenance and propagation of Islamophobic discourse and how this impacts the growth of far-right networks.

Ahmed Almaleque
MSc Experimental Therapeutics, University of Cambridge

I am a graduate and alumni of the University of Cambridge, with ambitions to continue onto Doctoral studies and medical research at Oxford in the next few years and become a teaching academic in the field of Medicine. Outside of academia, I continue to organise and coordinate community initiatives to serve the underprivileged Muslims in Tower Hamlets. One of the community enterprises I have recently Founded is the ‘The Community Health Education Initiative UK’. This initiative aims to inspire healthy eating in neglected communities in London with high incidence of Childhood obesity and diabetes with specialist support alongside Medical professionals in the community. In my spare time I am an ardent Hockey player who has competed on a National Level.

Aaya Al-Shamahi
MA Character Animation, University of the Arts London (Central St Martins)

I have an academic background in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS, and I am currently a multimedia journalist specialising in the Middle East and Islamophobia in the UK. News is becoming more visual and more accessible, and so it has never been more important to use animation to tell news stories and counteract the negative portrayal of Muslims in the media. I also just love drawing for the sake of drawing, so I’m very excited to start this course and fulfil my passion.

Faiza Amin
MSc Social Development Practice, UCL

Volunteering to advocate for girls’ rights to education with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) in Nepal has driven me to shift my career purpose to focus on tackling pressing challenges of social inequality. My experience working in the third sector since has made me question how solutions to these challenges can be better informed by the often diverse and marginalised communities they are designed to support. My masters will further develop my expertise as a practitioner to create innovative social development and policy solutions that put people at the centre of social change. I am excited to be able to collaborate with other Aziz Foundation Scholars who are also committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Bushra Anwar
MSc Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, King's College London

My interest in psychology developed at the intersection of my experience as a journalist and teacher, where working with individuals and on wider civil issues motivated me to understand the key determinants in personal and social development. My current work is in mental health strategy, formulating social initiatives to support and encourage behavioural change across communities in mental health and wellbeing, social inclusion and preventing violent crime. With this scholarship, I aim to develop transformative leadership and development in communities and improve representation in statutory and non-statutory sectors, implementing ground up initiatives for effective mental health inclusion and provision.

Rihab Attioui
MA Postcolonial Studies, SOAS University of London

After attaining a BA in History and Politics from Queen Mary University of London, I am now pursuing an MA, thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Aziz Foundation. I also have ambitions to study for a PhD concerning the issue of Muslim perception in Western society. My research interests primarily consist of understanding the political nature of popular culture, with a focus on examining how rampant Islamophobia permeates the intersection of foreign policy and film. With this I hope to positively transform the discourse on Muslim depiction in Western media.

Fatimah Az-Zahra
LLM Islamic Law, SOAS

Through my Masters, I hope to develop my knowledge of Islamic Law and study how its universal values can benefit us in contemporary times. I will endeavour to promote and assist Muslim women in gaining better access to their rights as afforded to them by both Islamic and domestic Law. Continuing my role as a lawyer, I also aim to facilitate better accessibility to legal representation for marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

Sarah Bakhiet
MPhil Development Studies, University of Cambridge

Formerly a graduate of History and Politics at SOAS, I now work as a Policy Advisor for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Through studying this Masters, with the support of the Aziz Foundation, I hope to contribute positively to the British Muslim community by advocating for our marginalised groups through public policy reform. The global context that is offered by this Development Studies course is crucial in developing a deeper understanding of our local context. The Aziz Foundation scholarship provides an excellent opportunity to give me the credibility, knowledge and skills to become an effective community leader.

Fatima Barkatulla
MA Islamic Law, SOAS University of London

I am an author, Islamic scholar and chaplain, who has completed two Alimiyyah degrees with Distinction from two prominent seminaries in the UK. My Islamic education spans more than two decades, during which I studied in Egypt at prominent institutes including a college of Al-Azhar University. I have been a key contributor to the discourse surrounding Muslim women in the West, contributing to the Westminster Faith Debates, documentaries and live shows for BBC Radio 4, the World Service, as well as BBC television, Channel 4 and the Islam Channel. Furthermore, I was Director of Seeds of Change – the biggest Muslim women’s conference in Europe and a Dawah trainer for iERA. In 2014 I was awarded the Ikon Ukhwah International Award – for my dawah and community work.

Zoulikha Belbidia
MSc (Res.) Oncology, University of Oxford

The aim of my masters is to understand how DNA repair pathways are controlled, to provide approaches for more effective cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. With the Aziz Foundation Scholarship, I also aim to develop the skills required to design awareness campaigns on the importance of cancer prevention and screenings, specifically for the sensitivities of Muslim communities, by collaborating science with Muslim community organisations. In my spare time I love exploring nature, travelling and volunteering with local organisations.

Nada Charkaoui
LLM Law, The University of Law

As an aspiring solicitor, I am currently pursuing my Legal Practice Course and LLM at the University of Law. I aspire to improve the legal representation given to both Muslim and non-Muslim communities, and am of the firm conviction that more can be done to support vulnerable communities. Having graduated with an LLB, I felt it only necessary to pursue a career path strongly associated with tackling socio-legal issues, as this has always been at the heart of my passion. My recent work explores the comparison between International Human Rights and the rights of Women in Islam.

Yusuf Chaudhary
MPhil Classical Islamic History and Culture, University of Cambridge

I graduated in History at SOAS, during which time I also studied the Islamic sciences, with a specific interest in Theology and Usul al-Fiqh. My MPhil will continue my research on the relationship between the Mongol Ilkhanate and Islam, exploring various methods of legitimation used in the Ilkhanate. Through my studies, I wish to promote the study of the Humanities and the awareness of Islamic history and cross-cultural exchanges in the pre-modern world, especially in areas often understudied or misrepresented. I also aim to promote the importance of historical knowledge for Islamic sciences’ students, for whom an understanding of history is important to contextualise their knowledge.

Sara Chohan
MSc Audiological Science with Clinical Practice, UCL

‘Knowledge is power’ – a quote written by author Francis Bacon has motivated me to push myself throughout my educational years and gave me the courage to follow the path of boundless discovery in science. At an early age I found myself trying to comprehend the complex world surrounding us, from cells to organs to whole organisms. After studying Microbiology at Undergraduate level, I now want to combine my strongly developed comprehension of microbes and their extraordinary ability to affect our bodies in various ways, with my desire to serve humanity and therefore improve lives. This Masters degree in Audiology will enable me to treat those with hearing loss and proactively prevent associated damage by employing various testing strategies.

Raiesa Choudhury
MA Social Justice and Education, UCL

I have worked in the third sector for the past five years, specifically for education charities. Young people in schools face infinite pressures and I often work with those who are not reaching their full potential. My aim is to build their confidence and skills for when they leave school and go into the world, which they will inherit, with motivation and purpose. I truly believe education is the foundation to bettering people’s lives and that this scholarship opportunity can help me contribute towards a fair society where individuals and communities can thrive without hindrance because of race, class, gender or indeed religion.

Noshin Chowdhury
MA Public Policy, King's College London

Having obtained a BSc in International Political Economy from City, University of London, I will be studying the MA Public Policy Programme at King’s College London with the help of the Aziz Foundation. My interest in Public Policy stems from my time working as a Public Affairs Assistant for a charity. I am primarily interested in using my degree to help improve social mobility for underrepresented communities in the political sphere.

Ahmed Dada
MSc Police Leadership, Organisation and Strategy, University of Derby

I have worked in the police since the age of 18 in a variety of roles and have conducted my studies alongside working full time. I am now a police officer for Leicestershire Police, with a passion for tackling Hate Crime, Islamophobia and the effects of the current Prevent policy on Muslim communities. Currently, midway through my Masters, my ultimate aim is to rise up the ranks to a position where I can influence policy, through an evidence-based approach.

Zainab Dedat
MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences, UCL

I have just completed my undergraduate in Psychology at UCL and will use my Masters to gain valuable skills, knowledge and clinical practice to help me on my journey to become a Clinical Psychologist. With rising rates of young Muslims suffering mental health issues, and considering the great need for cultural diversity and understanding within the practice of diagnosing and treating mental health issues, it is shocking to see the low number of Muslims in psychological professions. Additionally, I aim to use my knowledge to try and destigmatise and combat the taboo surrounding mental health, particularly in Southern Asian and Muslim communities.

Meena Dost
MPAS Physician Associate Studies, St Georges University of London

The reason I am so motivated to study a Masters in Physician Associate Studies is because it combines two things I am very passionate about: my love for helping others and science. Having completed a biomedical degree, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to give back to the community and becoming a Physician Associate can accommodate this. Furthermore, I am entering a field where there is a lack of Muslims, especially Muslim women. Thus, I hope that I would be able to spark some much-needed conversations and clear up any negative misconceptions. In my free time, I enjoy socialising with my family and friends and reading books.

Jamil Dudhwala
MEng Mechanical Engineering, Queen Mary University of London

As well as obtaining a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London, I am currently an Aalimiyyah student. Helping charities in my community whilst studying, I have noticed that although Muslims have a rich history in engineering and mathematics, there is a lack of Muslim role models in senior positions within the engineering sector and very few opportunities available for aspiring young Muslim engineers. Hence, I intend to use this opportunity to prepare for a successful career as an Engineer, and to create an awareness raising platform, generating more career opportunities.

Zeena Elhassan
MPhil Sociology of Marginality and Exclusion, University of Cambridge

Both my Social Anthropology degree at LSE and my community-led activism in and outside of the University are what have inspired me to further explore inequalities in the power dynamics around us today. I will be able to immerse myself within a full-time Masters that solely focuses on exclusion and marginality in society, allowing me to place those facing overlapping and mutually reinforcing oppressions as my ultimate priority. Capturing the complexities and intricacies of Black Muslim migrant women in the UK is work I see as vital considering the focalisation of modern-day politics that erases marginalised groups’ agency, dignity and humanity. Through upholding a self-critical and intersectional framework, I aim to contribute to the dissolution of the borders that circumscribe both the academe and the community.

Yousef El-Tawil
MSc Global Health Policy, LSE

I have just completed my third year of medical school at KCL and I am now pursuing a masters at the LSE where I will read Global Health Policy. I have been involved within the Higher Education sector for a few years now, having been Vice President of my Students’ Union as well as holding numerous elected roles. I am passionate about healthcare development, education, geopolitics and social mobility. As Muslims, I am also keen for us to make an impact in our local communities as well as empower the younger generation to become pioneers in their respective fields.

Kauser Fadal

I am an experienced Criminal Defence paralegal specialising in all areas of Criminal Defence from initial arrest through to proceedings in the Crown Court and Court of Appeals. Having graduated from the University of Kent in 2016 with an LLB, I went on to work in a variety of roles in legal and charity administration including as an Advice and Inquires administrator for the charity Liberty and as a paralegal in another West London law firm where I gained experience in Criminal and Extradition litigation. A fellow of the Anti-Tribalism Movement, I am heavily involved in a number of initiatives targeted at the UK Somali Community, and, in my spare time, I am a keen horologist and enjoy repairing antique watches and clocks.

Danial Farooq
MEng Engineering Science, University of Oxford

I am committed to conducting engineering research to help preserve our degrading environment. My dissertation this year will be in the sustainable production of Butanol, which relates to research I conducted this summer at the University of Nizwa, Oman, in the bioremediation of diesel oil spills. In my own time, I am a private tutor at Titanium tutors, a competitive tennis player at Wembley and Sudbury tennis club, and an enthusiastic Arabic student, looking to progress from completing a comprehensive foundation course at The Quran institute.

Suneer Fida
MSc Grantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment, City University of London

Having over 12 years of experience in the NGO sector and working with various Charities, Foundations and Trusts, I intend to use this opportunity and privilege to empower both grantmakers and grantees. I seek to ensure that grantmaking becomes more accessible to underrepresented groups in the UK. By doing so, I will bolster support for charities so they may advance in their admirable, incredible and life changing work. As an avid mountain trekker and self-confessed productivity-nut, I wile away my free time scrambling up scree slopes and learning how to improve efficiency.

Mohamed Gure
MSc Social Policy and Social Research, UCL

My interest in exploring Social Policy and Social Research derives from the inequalities we now deem as ‘normal’ in our society. The systemic failure of policies to protect, empower and encourage all socio-economic groups has inspired me to take an interest in attempting to comprehend the underlying structural factors enabling inequalities to subsist. I am a firm believer that we are all indebted to our society and more so to the poor and oppressed, so I hope that I can contribute in reforming the socio-political structures that fail so many.

Nadia Yahya Hafedh
MA Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy, Goldsmiths University of London

I have been involved in campaigning, research and policy work on issues including Race, Grenfell and Yemen. I am particularly involved in Yemeni politics, as a Research Fellow at Adalah Yemen, and am looking to build a career in policy work. I am excited to be an Aziz Scholar and aim to use this Masters to develop further skills in policy making and launch my own non-profit focusing on uplifting marginalised voices and creating spaces of knowledge production outside of academia. I want to work specifically on community involvement in international politics and racial justice/discrimination in the UK.

Mohammed Hammad
MA Islamic Studies, SOAS University of London

I have recently been awarded as the Most Impactful Imam 2019 by the British Beacon Mosque Awards. My time is predominantly spent in serving the local community by bridging gaps in services, educating and creating new beginnings, as I feel these are all integral to shaping a healthy working society. Through my experience as an Imam and youth worker, I have found the key component for effective leadership is to navigate through contextualisation and relevance, and I hope to further build upon that through the opportunity provided by the Aziz Foundation.

Mohammed Hannan
Global MBA, University of Manchester

I am studying for a Global MBA at the Alliance Business School, University of Manchester. After graduating in BEng Medical Engineering from Queen Mary, University of London, I now work in the Pharmaceutical industry at AstraZeneca. My core focus revolves around Islamic studies and development. I aspire to continue serving the Muslim community through authoring thought-provoking articles on Islam21C, encouraging holistic development of the youth and educating individuals to articulate Islam in a confident manner.

Tahfiza Hannan
MSc Public Policy, UCL

I graduated with a BA in History from King’s College London, and with the help of the Aziz Foundation, I intend to study Public Policy at UCL. My aim is to develop the practical skills and expertise necessary to help address the challenges caused by the structural inequalities that persist within our society. Through working in local government and working directly with marginalised groups, to mentoring students from disadvantaged backgrounds; I am passionate about empowering others and widening access to opportunities for all, regardless of background.

Hanaa Hasan
MSc Development Studies, LSE

I am passionate about combining the social sciences with the Islamic worldview to create relevant solutions for the 21st century. Having graduated from SOAS, achieving a BSc Economics, I worked for two years as a researcher specialising in the Middle East, with a particular focus on Syria and North Africa. With this postgraduate degree I hope to further specialise in development theory, with a view to later combine this with my pursuit of Islamic studies, to arrive at policy conclusions for the Global South that are rooted in our tradition. A former television presenter and public speaker, I am also a strong advocate of Muslim women’s involvement in socio-political conversations in the community, regularly writing articles and delivering talks at universities and local events.

Mohammed Didar Hasan
MA Islamic Studies, SOAS University of London

I have completed my six years of seminary studies, from which I received ijazah in hadith and studied sciences related to the Qur’an, ‘aqida and Jurisprudence. Thereafter, I progressed onto an Islamic studies programme with Middlesex university, and then, finally, a two-year specialisation course on the hanafi school of law (iftaa). In the meantime, I served as an Imam, and later founded Darul-ilm, Chatham, organising Islamic courses for children, adults and teenagers, while also serving as a khatib in Dover.

Naima Hassan
MSc Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology, University of Oxford

I am a recent Goldsmiths alumna who will continue on to further study at the University of Oxford. My research practice is informed by emerging critical anthropological fields that explore generative uses of colonial, mobile and subaltern archives. My dissertation uses ethnography to examine the sonic preservation of Sufi traditions in the Horn and Sahel region. In the upcoming year, I would like to orient my use of anthropological methodologies ‘in practise’ by working with community groups based in Oxford and beyond. I am also excited to continue developing projects as a curator.

Mahabiath Hussain
MPhil Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

I wish to use the knowledge gained from this Masters, in Biotechnology, to design the next generation of medical devices and drug delivery systems. I believe that the ability of modern medicine to provide a high standard of care can be enhanced through technological advancements, and my engineering background suits me to be an ideal leader. Once I start working in the medical industry, I wish to publicise the humanitarian side of Islam, that encourages caring and compassion to those suffering. The links I make will enable me to assist charities in delivering effective medical aid, such as drugs or medical devices needed in hospitals, to areas of conflict.

Muhammad Zakir Hussein
MA Education, University of Warwick

I am fortunate to have studied and graduated from an Islamic Seminary from Birmingham and Blackburn. I have a keen interest in Education and after studying a Post Graduate Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership at the Cambridge Muslim College, I completed a Bachelors in Education Studies. My passion for education has now led me to pursue a Masters in Education at Warwick University whilst focusing on Islamic Education. I aim to explore and understand key philosophical debates surrounding policies that impact education, educational pedagogy, curriculum and learning theories.

Nasra Hussein
MSc Physician Associate Studies, Anglia Ruskin University

Having recently graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Science, my part-time volunteering at UCLH inspired me with the desire to apply my research skills to patient centred care. Subsequently, I have pursued a MSc in Physician Associate Studies, where I will, inshaAllah, with the aid of this scholarship, develop the expertise and practical skills required to deliver advanced and quality healthcare. Furthermore, I aim to, and will work towards, encouraging and inspiring the next generation, particularly young Muslims to pursue Higher Education and become trailblazers in their respective fields, bi’ithnillah.

Georgia Hylton
MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine - Podiatrist, Queen Mary University of London

Having graduated in Podiatry from the University of East London, with the Aziz Foundation Scholarship, I intend to further my knowledge with a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine, while also bringing awareness to the role and impact of Muslim women in this field. I have a particular interest in the Musculoskeletal system and how our bodies function, repair and strengthen, and hope to make a positive contribution to research and evidence based medicine. I also enjoy reading and fitness training.

Mahmoud Ibrahim
PhD Sociology, University of Warwick

My research focuses on political communication and Islamophobia, from a decolonial perspective. As a journalist who has worked in different TV/ media platforms as well as human rights and civil rights organisations, I have an interest and passion for the fairness of media framing and the objectivity in news reporting. My study builds on previous research on the representation of Muslims in the press, anti-Muslim racism in the media and political discourse. It examines how Islamophobia can reinforce prejudicial and discriminatory policies towards Muslims, immigrants and people from ethnic minority backgrounds. I obtained an MBA in corporate social responsibility from Newcastle University, and my bachelor degree was from the American University in Cairo, in Journalism, with double minors in Psychology and International Relations.

Yasmin Ibrahim
MPH Masters in Public Health, Imperial College London

For my Bachelors, I graduated in Global Health and Social Medicine from KCL, where I focused my research on the social determinants of health. With this Masters course, I intend to gain the necessary epidemiological knowledge and statistical skills to produce meaningful public health research and evaluate related policies, particularly whether health policies are community-led and focused. Further, I shall investigate how employment conditions impact health outcomes among care workers. Upon completion, I intend to research possible solutions to the inequities in access to health care experienced by minority ethnic groups in the UK. Beyond my research interests, I look forward to learning more about health economics and digital health technologies.

Fatima Iftikhar
MSc Social Policy and Social Research, UCL

I am passionate about disrupting and innovating systems of work, education and charity. I graduated in Mathematics from Imperial College London. Previously the Development Director for national youth social action charity Student Hubs, I now work in the Community and Social Policy Team at the Greater London Authority. As a campaigner and activist on issues of race and inequality, my work currently focuses on community building through #POCIMPACT and systems change through #CharitySoWhite. Additionally, I am a WCMT Fellow, Trustee at Response Projects and Mentor for UpRising. In my spare time you can catch me producing plays, travelling the globe, learning to cook new recipes and looking for new books to read.

Nabeel Illahi
MSc Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health, UCL

After graduating from Medical School and completing my training as a Junior Doctor, I noticed that medicine in the 21st century was primarily focused on treating medical conditions through pharmacological/surgical intervention rather than addressing and preventing the cause itself. By studying this Masters, I aim to achieve my goal and ambition of making a significant change in the way the community perceives the role of sports and exercise as a treatment for both physical and psychological medical conditions. I also aim to communicate the importance of incorporating exercise into people’s lifestyle.

Hafiza Irshad
MSc Human Molecular Genetics, Imperial College London

I aim to use my Masters to gain a deeper understanding of Genetics in the 21st century so that I can gain a holistic view as to where I would be best placed to bring a positive impact, inshaAllah. I am also invested in working with young students, supporting them academically and spiritually to maximise their potential. I have had the privilege of working with a few cohorts of students, seeing them progress from school into University! I am now looking to create a Muslim outreach programme- Muslim Student Platform, to facilitate and organise this work.

Nazmin Islam
MPH Public Health, King's College London

After completing a BSc in Human Nutrition, I qualified as a Registered Associate Nutritionist. In the last two years, I have been working in primary care, assessing clients at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Having worked in some of the most deprived areas of West London, I noticed that there was a lack of quality health education and interventions provided to the public. With local authorities now doing their part in tacking obesity, there still needs to be better representation for ethnic minorities, taking into consideration cultural barriers. I have a keen interest in health policy and hope this course will aid me to develop the knowledge and expertise to lead national public health campaigns as a British Muslim.

Rehanul Islam
MSc Public Policy and Management, SOAS University of London

I graduated in Biomedicine, and have been gathering first-hand experience within the clinical field for over 3 years. Recently, I have been focused on Clinical Effectiveness; how I can produce and maximise results for people and patients. I have come to realise that Policies and Guidelines need to be more representative to include ethnic minorities and Muslims. I have a huge passion for implementing change to the degree that I have been proactive in a Policy Committee role for the NHS. I aim to acquire the right skills and knowledge that will enable me to fuel my passion in making positive changes to our Health Services.

Zainab Ismail
MSc Demography and Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

I am a graduate and alumni of Durham University, from which I obtained a BSc in Biological Anthropology. This scholarship is a supplement for me to be able to continue my studies, with a particular focus in Demography and Health. In completion of this course, I hope to be equipped with a better understanding of the impact of demographic challenges and opportunities in public health and health policies. This programme will develop my previous interest in population studies, providing me with the necessary statistical, epidemiological, and public health tools required to make an impact in this field. I look forward to working with my fellow scholars who are dedicated to inspire positive growth and development for all domains within the wider Muslim community.

Soheil Ahmed Javid
MA Community and Social Care: Policy and Practice, University of Central Lancashire

After graduating from an Islamic Seminary, I completed a Diploma in Social Policy at UCLAN and subsequently achieved a First Class in BA Social Work at Lancaster University. I will be undertaking this Masters with a view to proceeding to Stage 2 and completing a Professional Doctorate. This will involve me studying in the fields of community development, social work and allied professionals. My aims are to empower communities and individuals, build the recognition and status to assist others to effect change, influence policy and undertake policy research. I am also passionate about improving outcomes for looked after children and believe all children should be supported to reach their full potential and achieve their ambitions.

Ahmadullah Joyan
MA International Political Economy, King's College London

I recently completed my undergraduate studies in Politics and International Relations at Warwick, and shall proceed onto a postgraduate degree. Through the programme, I aim to develop a holistic approach to social scientific inquiry in order to, not only, facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the socio-political and economic challenges confronting societies across the globe, but also advance viable solutions for their settlement through policy-related work. Ultimately, I aspire to become an academic and apply the rich offerings of the Islamic intellectual heritage to current challenges in the realm of modern politics and economics.

Javed Kachhalia
MA Islamic Education: Theory and Practice, University of Warwick

‘Nurture, Educate and Inspire’ is what I live and breathe daily. There is nothing greater than those three steps in today’s Age. The Prophet (SAW) would use those three steps for the Companions. Alhamdulillah, for the past fourteen years working within the Masjid set up, I have come to the realisation that we as Muslims are falling behind in terms of nurturing, educating and inspiring our children and youth. Hence, I decided to embark on this journey to try and help the community to make the relevant changes required within the field of Education.

Awatif Kaissi
MSc Global Health and Development, UCL

Having completed a BSc in Global Health and Social Medicine at KCL, I aim to acquire further knowledge in my field by undertaking an MSc in Global Health and Development, enabling me to explore my interest in the dynamic relationship between gender and global health. My interests also lie within the implementation of public policy and this opportunity will equip me with the skills to instigate change, as well as allowing me to raise awareness of the importance of Muslim representation in leadership roles in the field of Global Health. I enjoy volunteering with local charity organisations, going to the gym, and exploring new places.

Elif Kalin
MPhil Development Studies, University of Cambridge

I am a motivated and visionary Muslim with a profound concern for social justice. My deep commitment to the aid and relief projects I have led is testimony of my ambition to significantly improve and transform disadvantaged and marginalised communities whilst facilitating a better representation of my Muslim heritage. I am fascinated by the ever-changing socio-political climate and the role institutions, states and cultures play therein. I am confident that the scholarship will serve as an exceptional gateway into the realisation of my desires in building a firm foundation towards a peaceful and transformed tomorrow.

Jamshaid Karim
MRes Medicine, University of Leeds

I have recently graduated with a First class in BSc. Medical Biochemistry at the University of Leeds and am now pursuing a Masters in Medical Research. I aim to enter medical school and wield the skillsets of both a scientist and a clinician. I have undertaken a range of different research projects, ranging from investigating mutations to reduce the replication efficacy of the Chikungunya virus to understanding the neutralising capabilities of native plants to reinvigorate highly alkaline waste sites. Currently, I am editor of an online publication known as ‘Living Being’ – for which I was nominated for the University’s Positive Impact Award – providing a platform for Leeds students to discuss their struggles, celebrations and triumphs.

Shabana Kausar
MA Human Rights, Culture and Social Justice, Goldsmiths University of London

I am an expert in ending Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and have worked actively on a local, national and international level in tackling gender-based violence and sex discrimination. Through my work, I am aware that VAWG disproportionately affects women of colour and Muslim women in the UK, yet their voices are missing from shaping how services are commissioned, how decisions are made around legislation and how policy is shaped. The agenda is very much led by the Global North, sometimes to the detriment of minoritised women and those in the Global South. I believe studying this Masters will support me to address this gap, whilst providing me with the platform to influence the global and national dialogue which too often silences Muslim women.

Amad Kayani
MSc Sustainability Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh

I am a mechanical engineer with a passion for green energy and environmental preservation. Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh, I have worked for international architectural design studios including Foster + Partners on various heritage and cultural projects, including the New Cambridge Mosque. My ambition is to research sustainable energy systems within the context of the built environment by focusing on buildings of cultural significance, such as faith centres. This field of study is important for the long-term sustainability of faith communities and will enable greater inclusion of British Muslim communities within the growing climate change discussion. Away from engineering, my hobbies include cycling and rock-climbing. I also play classical piano and the guitar and I am keen to explore the role of art in breaking down barriers in society.

Nusaybah Khalisadar
LLM Law with Human Rights, University of Law

I believe lawyers are in a unique position to act in some of the biggest global decisions, whilst also assisting in more personal situations; this inspired me to attain an LLB from the LSE. By undertaking pro bono work for domestic violence victims, I developed an interest in upholding the rights of the helpless. It became a long term goal of mine to work with Human Rights institutions, influencing policy making that focuses on the big social issues, such as furthering the voices of both underrepresented communities and wider society. I hope to serve as an inspiration for British Muslims who wish to embark on a career in law or, more generally, wish to effect great change.

Aisha Khan
MA Migration and Diaspora Studies, SOAS University of London

Having completed my Social Sciences, Community Development & Youth Work degree, I am currently working as the Programme Development Officer for The Ubele Initiative. In my role, I am committed to working towards increasing the leadership capacity of diaspora communities in the UK and internationally. I believe this Masters will support me to develop praxis, equipping me with relevant knowledge of migration and diaspora theories which will inform my practice. Through my research and study, I hope to inform central and local government and diaspora community organisations of the range of complex issues that are faced by Muslim communities, and in turn propose recommendations that will improve communication and understanding.

Aisha Abid Khan
MSc Children, Youth and International Development, Birkbeck University of London

As a qualified teacher, single handedly running my school’s Humanities department and attending national events, I noticed the lack of Muslim teachers, in the independent school sector, educating those with behaviour management difficulties and/or special educational needs. Through my work I aim to encourage Muslims to work in the independent school sector, where there is a considerable under representation of those from a Muslim faith background. Within the sector, I have noticed how especially vulnerable youth are and how easy it is for them to be coerced into dangerous and harmful activities. My Masters will help me focus on the development of education policy in the UK and Pakistan, specifically in the area of SEN.

Hiba Noor Khan
MA Muslim Minorities in a Global Context, SOAS University of London

Following postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford, I have worked in the Environmental, Charity, Development and Media sectors as well as a freelance journalist for The Independent and HuffPost. I was commissioned by Penguin to write a non-fiction children’s book in 2018 and my first picture book is due for release in 2020. My involvement in a combination of policy level and grassroots work has revealed to me the immense complexity of the British Muslim presence, and cemented my desire to deepen my historical, political and economic understanding of Muslim communities. Through this MA, alongside learning Arabic and continued religious study, I hope to utilise my skillset to contribute to society in the most effective way possible.

Maira Khan
MSc Health Psychology, UCL

Understanding how our thoughts and emotions affect the way we behave and take in the world around us is what sparked my interest in Psychology. With my BSc in Psychology and this Masters, I hope to ultimately complete a doctorate in Health Psychology and become a lecturer. Moreover, I will use my skills to help patients navigate through their illnesses. Alongside my studies, I take part in student activism initiatives and utilise my experience in going back to my community, engaging with Muslim youth, encouraging them to be proactive, faith-driven members of society.

Muhammed Mostafa Khan
MSc Health Policy, Imperial College London

My personal and professional interests are anchored on undertaking academic research, governance policy reviews and systematic analysis on the structural and social challenges encountered by disengaged, marginalised and deprived communities in England. My background and qualifications consist of over 15 years combined frontline experience volunteering and working in an array of leading Youth and Community organisations within the charitable and Third Sector. Further to graduating with a BA Hons in Health and Social Care from the University of Derby, I am currently a Lecturer and Tutor in Higher National Diploma at a private Higher Education institution in London.

Nadia Khan
MSc Space, Risk and Disaster Reduction, UCL

I studied my undergraduate degree in International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London. My thesis examined the role that non-state actors play in cultivating cooperation and competition between states at a terrestrial and extra-terrestrial level. I am now interested in highlighting how space-enabled technology is utilised to tackle key developmental challenges on Earth. Through my Masters studies I would like to raise awareness about the benefits of space enabled technology to our everyday lives, and, further, I hope to encourage more women from the Muslim community to pursue a career in the space sector.

Naz Khan
LLM Law, Durham University

I am pursuing a Masters of Law at Durham University. My work aims to cover themes of Islamic Jurisprudence, Finance and Taxation, with a view to advancing onto a PhD in the near future. With a passion for law and a dedication to helping others, I have been involved in numerous projects in my home town of Stoke-on-Trent, campaigning regularly for the local community. I hope to use this scholarship as a springboard to improve legal representation for both Muslims and non-Muslims. I am also a frequent writer on socio-legal issues; my recent work analyses the geopolitical conflict in Sudan and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Safya Khan
MSc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation, LSE

I am a research journalist covering all forms of hate and interfaith issues across the UK and Europe. Working for HOPE not Hate, I launched and edit LAMP, a fortnightly e-newsletter to monitor, analyse and challenge anti-Muslim hate and prejudice. I am particularly interested in countering online hate, the interactions of minority communities with each other and the state, and the rise of the far-right in Europe. I studied Neuroscience at King’s College London and did a Masters in Science Journalism at City University. Previously, I worked at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Research Europe.

Shrooq Khan
MSc Public Policy and Management, King's College London

I graduated with a BA in International Relations and Politics and went on to assume a role as a Producer and Broadcast Journalist. This exposed me to the inner paradigms that shape existing and emerging socio-political contexts. I used my platform to discuss matters concerning Muslim minorities living within the West with academics, political figures and activists. Discourse pertaining to the infringement of rights often lead back to policies that deliberately or unwittingly permitted breaches to begin with. Through this Masters, I intend on acquiring not only a greater understanding of the policy-making process but the proficiencies and practices needed to apply my learning within the field, with the aim of formulating systems to protect the rights of minorities.

Jannath Khanom
MSc Information Science - Library Management, Northumbria University Newcastle

I will be studying MSc Information Science and Library Management inshaAllah to build upon my technical knowledge of information management systems. The aim is to create a simple toolbox for communities to be able to read and research well, focusing on topics that are religious and political in nature. I also aim to create an open access digital Islamic library and would love to connect with Aziz foundation scholars that may be interested.

Khadija Kothia
MSc History of International Relations, LSE

I have recently graduated with a BA in History from SOAS, and will now be undertaking a Masters at LSE this year, God willing. My interest lies in historiography and dismantling normative historical narratives shaped through unequal power relations, particularly in relation to transitions into modernity that have typically undermined Muslim and Subaltern voices. I have interests and experience in Islamic Sciences, contemporary politics and newspaper editorship, and in the following year, I look forward to the opportunity to build upon these interests within a wider scope of academic experience and historical knowledge.

Manar Lamzini
MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology, University of Southampton

Completing my masters will allow me to develop therapeutic skills that are crucial in helping clients overcome a range of problems and apply such skills in multi-cultural settings. I aim to improve the way mental health is seen within the Muslim community by incorporating stories and lessons from the Quran in the recovery process of Muslim clients. This I hope will inspire Muslims to see how useful their faith is for managing mental health conditions. In my free time I love to travel, swim and bake.

Henna Lone
MA Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths University of London

As a young adult, I noticed the distinct lack of support for my mental health and for others my age – especially within my community. Creativity was the outlet that aided me in overcoming the struggles of growing up and helped see me through to the other side of adulthood. I chose Art Psychotherapy because of its importance to me personally and the power creativity has in developing and strengthening communication and expression. My goal is to help others find a voice through art, just as it helped me find mine.

Ismael Madden
MA Comparative Education, UCL Institute of Education

A teacher based in London, I have worked in several educational establishments in the UK and Japan. I hold an interest in the different forms that educational systems assume around the world, particularly in the European, East Asian and Islamic traditions. This programme in Comparative Education will serve as an academic platform, facilitating my future development. My long term aim is to assemble an amalgamation of cultural, linguistic and educational experiences, both professional and personal, into a workable and holistic education system, with a strong religious ethos, for Muslim communities.

Abdel Mahmoud
MSc Computer Science, UCL

Healthcare is broken, and technology is its future. I am a medic by training from UCL and I am now undertaking an MSc in Computer Science to get to grips with technology and find breakthroughs in applying it to problems within the field of healthcare. I also aim to address the lack of diversity in the technology field by empowering local communities through workshops and classes. My interests lie at the intersection of healthcare policy and technology and I have led and delivered several projects in this space including in maternal and child health, refugee health and AI in oncology. I look forward to where I can go next with this Masters.

Sahiba Majeed
MSc Physical Education & Sports Pedagogy, University of Birmingham

I always saw PE as a playing field where fun was encouraged whilst learning life-long lessons on healthy active lifestyles. Instead my experiences showed me how a lack of understanding around Muslim communities harmed the experiences of female Muslims in PE. Having worked in the sports development sector convinced me of the need to research the perceptions of Sports in Muslim communities and investigate how institutions are equipping educators with the means to provide an inclusive education. The aim of this degree is to find ways we can shape the national and international sports and education industries so that Muslim females have an identity and are equally represented at all levels through a more inclusive education.

Bilal Malik
MSc Disasters, Adaptation and Development, King's College London

I graduated from UCL in 2017, and during the same summer, the tragedy of Grenfell unfolded. My interest in Disasters emerged from my experience in the days and weeks that followed the incident of the 14th of June. Moreover, I appreciate multidisciplinary approaches and therefore chose a course which embodies that perspective, as I believe the human condition is multi-faceted.

Usama Malik
MA Philosophy, King's College London

The aim of my Masters is to assess the comparative modes of traditional Qur’anic hermeneutics and modern moral theory in order to develop a fresh criterion for methods of Islamic ethical reasoning in light of renewing socio-political realities. I seek to revisit our rich Islamic tradition and propose the epistemic basis of usul al-fiqh as a scheme for realising man’s telos, which has since been lost in the modern world. I hope to use this opportunity to work with the Aziz Foundation to empower a confident recognition of Muslim identity and collaborate on issues that are of importance to our communities.

Muhammed Ikramul Hoque Miah
MAR Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham

As well as holding a Bachelor’s degree from LSE in Social Anthropology, I have completed the darsī niẓamī ‘Ālimiyya programme and a two-year specialisation in Islamic Law and the Science of Fatwa (takhaṣuṣ fi l-Iftā wa l-fiqh) with Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera. Since starting my Iftā’, I have written just over 1,000 fatwās. As an Aziz Foundation Scholar, I will complete a 40,000 word dissertation in Islamic Law at the University of Birmingham, with a primary focus on Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, Hanafi fiqh and the Islamic Law governing Muslim Integration into secular societies.

Puru Miah
Msc Public Financial Management, SOAS University of London

The aim of my Masters is to understand innovative approaches towards managing public finances both at a local and national level. With this Scholarship, I also aim to develop the skills and processes required to enable a more collaborative, grassroots-resident led approach to budget setting in local councils and public institutions. In particular, I would like to engage hard to reach demographics within the Muslim community. In my spare time, I love reading poetry and bike riding, in addition to diligently performing my responsibilities as an elected Councillor in East London.

Rizwan Mirza
MA Applied Anthropology and Community Arts, Goldsmiths University of London

I am an artist and arts educator, who has been involved in festivals, arts residencies and community arts education programmes – as a mentor and facilitator working with marginalised and vulnerable people – in the UK and abroad. I have a BA in Photography (Derby University) and an MA in Screen Documentary (Goldsmiths University). I am interested in exploring the role of art, within the framework of social, community, faith and spiritually engaged practice, and how through its benefits on our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing we could create a more compassionate, engaged and inclusive society.

Karim Mitha
PhD Sociology, University of Glasgow

Muslims face their own challenges in accessing mental health care and have poorer outcomes when in treatment. Whilst there has been a recent boon in discussion regarding mental health amongst Muslim communities, this comes from an intra-community grassroots approach whilst the evidence base, which informs policy and strategy, continues to be dominated by white Eurocentric Orientalist scholars. As an academic and health professional with policy experience, I employ an interdisciplinary perspective in my work, versed in public health, psychological and sociological methods and approaches. I aim to understand empirically and investigate systemically challenges and barriers in order to overcome mental health inequalities as experienced by Muslims, and to develop this evidence base and influence structural change.

Amran Mohamed
MPH Public Health, Imperial College London

I aim to build on my BSc in Biology, to gain a wide array of skills to prepare for a career in many different organisations, from NGOs, governmental organisations, to working with the grass-roots in developing countries. I have a working background in Higher Education, Community Pharmacy and Clinical Trials. Outside of studying and working, I devote my time to outreach activities in the most socio-economically disadvantaged communities in London and Birmingham, delivering interactive workshops in STEM and beyond. Currently, I develop my leadership skills though a role as Young Emerging Leader for Ubele Initiative, as a Future Leader for Shaping Horizons and a Global Schools Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth. I also love travelling the world, documenting trips through my blog to let my passion for writing blossom.

Islam Mohammed
MSc Digital Marketing, Oxford Brookes University

The gatekeeping roles of media and technology platforms, which are affecting narratives about ethnic and religious minorities, are often overlooked. After graduating with BA (Hons) in Publishing and English Language and Communication, and working in marketing, I found myself interested in the direct impact marketing practices have on representation. The specialisation track of this Masters in Digital Marketing will allow me to explore the implications of marketing theory and practice on a world that is becoming increasingly international and digitally dependent.

Hanife Moumin
MA Publishing, UCL

I am a Business Management graduate with a First Class honours degree from Coventry University. Currently, I am studying a Postgraduate Publishing degree at UCL. I want to achieve better representation of Muslim communities in the media, and wish to do this through books. I also hope to increase the 1% representation of BAME people in children’s books.

Hafsah Mufti
MSc Middle East Politics, SOAS University of London

I am an Economics and Politics graduate from Queen Mary University of London and am now pursuing a Masters, with the support of the Aziz Foundation. I have interest in researching and understanding key political ideologies and the politics of national identity in the Middle East, often conflated with religious Islamic ideologies and identities. I aspire to use this opportunity to challenge the misconceptions around the two, to positively transform attitudes towards Muslims in the UK.

Habibullah Muhammad-Kamal
MRes Medicine, University of Nottingham

I am a fourth year medical student at Nottingham University. This year I am undertaking a Research Masters in Medicine. I have previously completed two research projects in bioinformatics and public health and would like to do more work, particularly in the use and applications of new technologies in the medical field.

Aniqah Zenab Murtaza
MA Art Psychotherapy, University of South Wales

Throughout my life, I’ve always taken solace in the creative arts. Art can play an important role in restoring one’s balance whilst navigating through life and struggles with mental health. The catharsis that creating and being immersed in the arts can give you has always been something I’ve wanted to share. Through my training as an Art Psychotherapist, I aim to facilitate this for those who may find articulation of their emotions difficult, particularly within Muslim communities. With my work, I hope to encourage more Muslims to pursue similar career paths, to diversify the field of practitioners, and continue combating the stigma surrounding mental health.

Juwairiah Mussa
MA Education and Creative Writing, Goldsmiths University of London

I have just recently graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. My degree gave me a great opportunity to establish my own voice as a poet, and now I intend to further my studies with a Masters that combines my passion for Creative Writing and Education. My creative work focuses on giving a platform to communities who are often spoken for, such as British Muslim women. I aim to use my voice as a tool to help create understanding and acceptance within our communities.

Ebrahim Nadat
MA Muslim Minorities in a Global Context, SOAS University of London

I am an educator and teacher with over 6 years experience within the discipline of Qur’an, Hadith and Jurisprudence studies. My traditional Islamic education goes back to the prestigious seminary; Darul-Uloom Bury, where I completed the Islamic Law degree and received the Hadith certificate (Ijaza). For my secular education, I have a bachelor of arts degree in Education Studies from University of East London and a PGCE in Religious Education from King’s College London. My interests lie in educating and hoping to make a difference in society, thus I am currently a teacher of Philosophy at secondary and sixth form level, a teacher at an Alimiyyah programme and a Khateeb at a local mosque.

Mohammed Nadeem
MSc International Development, University of Birmingham

I have a background in both Financial Services (Compliance) and NGOs (Fundraising), which has created a perfect synergy between the two sectors. These interests led me to explore whether poverty could be eradicated with existing resources, utilising a collective, robust, qualitative approach. This has fuelled my desire to pursue this Masters and, hopefully, to one day achieve my dream.

Aaisha Naseem
MSc Diagnostic Radiography, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh

My choice in studying MSc Diagnostic Radiography encompasses my immense admiration for human anatomy and physiology, whilst also allowing me to provide critical and life-saving scans to those in need. I believe it is crucial for more British Muslims to integrate within Allied Health Professional roles, as not only does it show a positive representation of Muslims in society but it also provides a solution to the continuously increasing demand for such professions. I hope to specialise in Paediatric Radiography and continue to advance in my career. In my spare time I enjoy volunteering and going on challenging hikes to admire the beautiful nature around Scotland.

Yusuf Niazi
MA Theatre Directing, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

I am a Theatre Director with a dedication to increasing accessibility to the arts. Theatre has been a huge passion of mine for the majority of my life. My plan is to use the skills I have obtained so far through work and training to help increase representation of Asian people and Muslims in theatre and help to educate people and reduce discrimination. By completing this Masters, I will be able to get the intensive professional training I have been craving and hopefully begin to turn the hobby I have loved the most for the best part of a decade into a viable career.

Saif Osmani
MA Architecture & Historic Urban Environments, UCL

Recent changes in the built environment have meant that local communities are feeling increasingly polarised from their surroundings and from one another. My socially engaged arts practice operates between art and architecture and this Masters opportunity from Aziz Foundation will enable me to examine how certain groups with protected characteristics interpret their own cultural heritage in the context of a leading global city. Planning policies found in the new London Plan and area local plans do not accurately reflect London’s diverse communities and I would like to examine the challenges of participation in community co-design in creating future spaces.

Adam Patel
MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge

Having engaged in philanthropy and local politics from a young age, the lack of senior Muslim role models in the public/non-voluntary sectors quickly became apparent. I did not feel represented at the very top. It is precisely the lack of roles models and representation that has exacerbated underachievement in British Muslim communities, while also hindering them, by absence of a spokesperson to advocate to wider society on their behalf. Rather than wait, I have decided to take action. Undertaking the MPhil will prepare me with the knowledge and skills needed to reach the highest positions in the public sector, and in the process contribute to changing perceptions of British Muslims.

Deenmohammed Patel
MA Islamic Education: Theory and Practice, University of Warwick

I have a yearning passion to educate and empower the next generation both at a micro and macro level. I have completed the Alimiyia program at the prestigious seminary, Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda, Blackburn, where I obtained an Islamic Law degree alongside receiving license (Ijaza) in Hadith and in the variant modes of Quran recitation (Qira’ah). I am currently aiming to complete my Masters degree to provide me with the set of skills necessary to help our communities prosper both traditionally as well as academically in the education sector. My interests lie in reading and writing in both the English and Arabic languages.

Tanha Quadi
MA Migration and Diaspora Studies, SOAS University of London

In 2016 I graduated in Sociology at City University. Since then, I have worked in various organisations and institutions, exploring the culture and identity of South Asians in the UK. These experiences have shown me the importance of claiming our narrative and challenging misrepresentation through research and publication. I hope to further build upon my skills and knowledge through the opportunity provided by the Aziz Foundation in studying this MA.

Haseeb Qureshi
MSc Inequalities and Social Science, LSE

My undergraduate degree in Politics and Sociology paved the way for me to study a Masters in Inequalities and Social Science at LSE. Having written my undergraduate dissertation on the Prevent Duty and the impact this has on British Muslims in regards to inequality, I decided to further explore this issue at a higher level, in a national and global context, focussing in particular on the economic, gender and racial inequality of Muslims.

Shoana Qureshi-Khan
MSc Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

I graduated from University in 1998 with a Bachelors in Social Policy – since then I have worked with some of the most vulnerable young people and adults around the country. I have never lost hope for a person and this drive has served me well, keeping me within local government or third sector provisions. Recently, I felt my role was becoming stagnant, mainly due to austerity. My big leap forward saw me working on a preventative and proactive approach to many of the issues that young people face today. My aim and mission are to empower parents, to reduce risks and increase connection during adolescence, and to influence policy makers.

Tayyaba Rafiq
MPhil Islamic Studies and History, University of Oxford

A graduate of International Relations from King’s College London and former Vice President of KCLSU, I have also undertaken both traditional and academic Islamic Studies in the UK, USA and Turkey, studying, among others, fiqh, hadith sciences, hermeneutics and intellectual history. Now as an MPhil candidate at the University of Oxford, and with the Aziz Foundation’s support, I aim to research how Islamic history, theology and Tasawwuf can inform understandings of liberation discourse. I aspire to engage Muslims with Islamic scholasticism and intend to utilise academia to better comprehend human rights practice, through faith-based research, accessible publications and policy work.

Zahra Rahim
MSc Emerging Economies and International Development, King’s College London

During my undergraduate degree, I chose to study modules in ‘Business Analysis’ and ‘Work and Employment in Context’. My interest in these areas, paired with my experience working abroad with several academic institutions, has inspired me to further my knowledge in international development, specifically in emerging economies. Through my studies, I wish to research the development of institutions and how change can be implemented within them to increase opportunities available to underrepresented groups. Aside from my academic interests, I have worked with Human Appeal on charity projects, worked as a fundraising officer for the Amnesty International Society at QMUL, and volunteered with special needs children in Morocco.

Zainab Rahim
MA Postcolonial Culture & Global Policy, Goldsmiths University of London

I’m a writer and editor, working in online content over the past ten years. I’m the co-founder and editor of a commentary website called The Platform, seeking to share marginalised narratives and support new writers, researchers and campaigners. I’ve also been an assistant editor on Khidr Zine since its launch, as well as other print publications. In my own articles, I explore arts and culture, local history and global politics. I’m keen to delve into the environment, climate justice, race, heritage and more history. As such, I’m delighted to return to university, following my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Language at King’s College London.

Mohammed Ahsanur Rahman
MA Islamic Education, University of Warwick

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent studies, which consisted of various modules where I cross-examined traditional texts ranging from Islamic jurisprudence to the Qur’an and hadith. Studying in a conventional way at Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda has given me a deep understanding of Islam, however I would like to take this further. The PGA and MA in Islamic Education will enable me to integrate orthodox Islam into a liberal society; build bridges between the timeless essence of Islam and modern-day Islam without any loss of values. My priorities lie in educating further generations on the nature of Islam, not its misrepresentations and media portrayals.

Sajida Raja
MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, University of East London

With over two decades of experience as a Careers Adviser, I was becoming increasingly aware of the barriers faced by some young people, such as lack of self-esteem, anxiety about the future, and a sense of failure. These can all contribute to a lack of motivation and self-efficacy. Believing that strength and resilience leads to success, I wanted to explore the impact of our thoughts and emotions on the choices we make and the way we interact with others. This Masters, with its pioneering link between positive psychology and coaching, will empower me to better help my clients flourish. I also intend to research the links between Islamic teachings and positive psychology and well-being.

Tanjil Rashid
MFA Creative Writing, Birkbeck University of London

As a freelance writer and producer, I regularly contribute to the BBC, The Financial Times, The Times and Prospect, among other publications and broadcasters. I also write and translate fiction, examples of which have been published in literary journals such as Story Quarterly, Hourglass, Eleven Eleven and Asymptote. I’m grateful for the opportunity to focus more on writing over the next two years by completing an MFA in fiction at Birkbeck, University of London.

Anisa Riaz
MA Social Work, University of Manchester

Having to deal with exclusion because of my minority status, I have always wanted to go into a career that would help society progress towards implementing more inclusive measures. My undergraduate in History and Sociology allowed me to identify prominent social problems through an interdisciplinary approach. With this MA in Social Work, I will be able to put my theory into practice. Social work can empower vulnerable individuals, but I also believe it will empower me, allowing for greater growth and capacity to learn from experiences, all the while helping others fulfil their potential.

Fatima Rifat
MSc Child Development, UCL

As a child development advocate, I encourage children to challenge themselves, in order to become productive Muslim individuals. This is done through my published books and public speaking aimed towards parents. I now intend to expand my knowledge and expertise through this Masters degree and further facilitate the Muslim community through publishing, public engagement and other creative ventures. I find pleasure in reading, writing, developing projects and – best of all – spending time with my family.

Ozair Said
MSc Construction Project Management, London South Bank University

Alongside my BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics, I have experience leading multimillion pound projects in a global engineering consultancy. My engineering background, in conjunction with this Masters, will equip me with the necessary skills to deliver value in the communities where major regeneration projects are taking place. As a STEM Ambassador, I deliver workshops to inspire students and demonstrate what an engineering career offers to people of all backgrounds. I have been volunteering at Acorn Supplementary School for over 7 years, teaching students Arabic language, Mathematics and English at SATs and GCSE level.

MSc Molecular Biology & Pathology, Imperial College London

By gaining a better understanding of how pathogenic viruses such as influenza, HIV and Ebola function, I hope more effective and accessible treatments will be available for those across the world that need them the most, many of whom are Muslim. These viral infections are often deadly, especially in less economically developed populations. I feel it is incumbent on scientists today to drive forward research into viral biology to ultimately save lives. In my view, to achieve this aim it is essential that the passionate and enthusiastic young Muslims of this country fully understand the importance of this field.

Ateequr Salik
MBA Masters in Business Administration, University of Salford

I graduated in 2010 and subsequently began pursuing a career in law; it was three years into this that I had a change of heart and joined the Charity Sector. Now six years on, I’m privileged to be working for the world’s largest and most prestigious Muslim NGO. I currently also serve in my spare time as a Chaplain within the Prison System. Having been out of formal education for some time, I’m hoping to pursue an MBA to gain essential skills and knowledge that I can utilise and implement within the third sector. I am also an avid hiker – nothing can please me more than an eight-hour trek somewhere remote, ideally abroad.

Mo Saqib
MSc Public Policy and Management, King's College London

I graduated in 2013 from the University of Manchester in Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) and have been a Liberal Democrat activist for the last ten years. Alongside my job in zero emission technology, in May 2018 I was elected as a Councillor in the London Borough of Sutton, where I have the particular focus for the delivery of social services.

Samir Seddougui
PhD Social Policy, University of Bristol

I previously studied an MA in History at the University of Bristol, where I focussed on the theme of history from below; attempting to elevate the voices and stories of marginalised groups and individuals within society. Upon completion, I began working as project worker for the Hate Crime charity Stand Against Racism & Inequality, offering emotional and practical support to victims of Hate Crime. It was clear that a large proportion of people who had experienced Hate Crime were from Muslim backgrounds, and this triggered my interest in Islamophobia studies. My PhD will analyse the financing of Islamophobia and unpack the rhetoric of anti-Muslim organisations.

Hajra Shafiq
MA Islamic Education: Theory and Practice, University of Warwick

I have studied Quranic Sciences, Arabic and Islamic studies at a Muslim Institute, and have received Ijaza (licence) to teach Tajwid. I teach Islamic Studies covering Arabic Language, Jurisprudence, beliefs, History and Citizenship. Alongside this I deliver speeches and lectures at large public gatherings and, indeed, I thrive at public speaking and this has been a real confidence builder for me. I look forward to beginning a Masters in Islamic Education: Theory and Practice this year to further develop my knowledge and skills to support communities and the youth at large. My hobbies and interests range from reading books, playing sports and going on hikes.

Turab Shah
MA Cinematography, Met Film School

I have been a filmmaker for nearly a decade, producing documentaries and podcasts that have allowed me to tell the stories of marginalised and oppressed communities, both in the UK and abroad. This work has often focused on the different manifestations of Islamophobia and I have worked with a number of Muslim organisations and individuals to tackle this issue. In addition to making films, I organise and curate film screenings as part of my work with ‘Other Cinemas’, a project I co-founded with a focus on showcasing the films of a diverse range of artists. I have a BA in History and an MA in Documentary Filmmaking. This scholarship will allow me to elevate my work, experiment with other mediums and create opportunities to collaborate with other filmmakers.

Nimra Shahid
MA Interactive Journalism, City University of London

My background in social research and policy, across areas including Brexit, public health and knife crime, has nurtured my interest in a new kind of digital and multimedia-based journalism. Since obtaining my English Language & Linguistics degree from King’s College London, I have produced a data-mine backed study into how social dissent developed into the #metoo movement. I have also worked with BBC News Service, Radio 4 and South on stories and debates exploring Muslims and Social Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, and Democracy. Through my Masters, I aspire to develop skills for responsibly delivering fact-based and accessible news, while enabling underrepresented voices to be platformed.

Hauwa Shehu
LLM International Economic Law, Justice and Development, Birkbeck

I am a Barrister working for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) with experience across the breadth of criminal offences from international organised crime and extradition to cases involving drugs, sexual offences, youth justice, domestic violence and hate crime. I chair the CPS Muslim Network and am Mentoring Co-ordinator for the CPS BAME Staff Network. Outside of work I am a teacher in my local Madrasa and a member of the core management team of ‘the Hive’, an award winning, bespoke women’s centre, supported by Al Madina Mosque in Barking and Dagenham. This LLM will enable me to gain skills and knowledge about how historical, current and future international developments and crisis impact on the justice system and our communities.

Salina Zahrah Siddiqui
MA Medicine in Society, University of Sheffield

Having completed three years of Medicine at the University of Sheffield, I am now intercalating in order to study for a Masters. This programme offers the perfect blend of biomedical research with the ethical, economic and political aspects that underlie healthcare. This course will act as a stepping stone towards a career working with the World Health Organisation. Cognisant of the huge disproportion of Muslims in medical governance and policy making, my mission is to bridge this gap. We need better representation on a higher scale, and by realising this, healthcare could improve for millions of Muslims, as well as for wider society.

Waseelah Smedley
MA Global History, University of Birmingham

I have been forever fascinated by the contradictions between the practices of a people and their belief systems. Exploring how these are overcome is my starting point into an historical enquiry. As a musician, I am drawn into particularly focusing on art culture across the world and how these reflect the lives and beliefs of people. History is crucial to recontextualising ourselves and our beliefs as Muslims within the legal and historical phenomenon of Islam. By deconstructing the secular and political narrative so often taught of Islam, we can challenge dialogical assumptions leading to more fruitful discussions.

Ian Stone
LLM Dispute Resolution, City University of London

I’ve had varied careers with experience in the military, IT and Telecommunications and Education. I’m interested in the area of mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. I see mediation as an incredibly useful format for dispute resolution as it provides a forum and an atmosphere in which parties gain understanding, become understood, and work together to explore options for resolution. By resolving disputes in mediation, parties determine for themselves what is important and ultimately, the outcome of the situation.

Anika Tahrim
MSc Violence, Conflict and Development, SOAS University of London

I have recently graduated from King’s College London with a Bachelors in History and International Relations. I have chosen to study the dynamics of violence and conflict in relation to development because I believe that this is one of the biggest factors that is inhibiting successful development programmes. At SOAS, I hope to learn about development agendas and ways of thought that privilege a nation’s ability to exercise agency. By learning the nuances of development, I hope to positively contribute to the development sector in ways that do not negatively impact nations nor victimise them.

Zainab Tailor
MA Education - Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, UCL Institute of Education

I have been working at Islamic supplementary schools for seven years. I hope to inspire change in Islamic supplementary schools by encouraging the use of diverse pedagogical approaches and by infusing creativity in the system to make learning meaningful. I aim to transform attitudes towards Islamic supplementary schools by highlighting the contributions they make to British society. I enjoy reading all kinds of literature, gardening and baking.

Almas Talib
MSc Social and Cultural Psychology, LSE

Having completed a BSc in Experimental Psychology, I am eager to explore a psychological approach that is more aware of its own Eurocentricity and social and cultural relativity. I want to assist in the understanding of how people of colour are dehumanised and the effects of social inequality on cognition and mental wellbeing. I am interested in how this knowledge can inform a more socially aware mental health model. Ultimately, I envisage a mental health system that acknowledges all forms of structural discrimination, including anti-Muslim racism.

Nureen Tayyabah
MA Islamic Education: Theory and Practice, University of Warwick

I studied the Alimiyyah Course at an Islamic seminary and have been teaching subjects of the Islamic sciences at different institutes. I work at Islamic Help Charity as an Orphans and Childcare Programme Officer and recently launched my own organisation named TAVi – The Amatullah Vision – aiming to help women reconnect with their faith. I deliver seminars organised for the public and hold private classes teaching Arabic Grammar from a syllabus designed by myself. I completed a Postgraduate Award in Islamic Education at the University of Warwick and am currently looking forward to beginning my Masters, hoping to use what I learn to develop my own organisation as well as make a positive impact on other Muslim educational organisations.

Thahmina Begum Thaniya
MSc International Relations, LSE

I have attained a BA (Hons) in History and Politics from Queen Mary University, and with the help of the Aziz Foundation, I will be studying the MSc International Relations programme at the LSE. My research interests include the differing strength and nature of Islam as a discursive and mobilising force in global politics, and different forms of transnational political violence. I hope to use this opportunity to encourage other British Muslims to add their knowledge, findings and valuable perspectives to academic discussions.

Hameda Uddin
MPAS Physician Associate Studies, St Georges University of London

I graduated in Biotechnology from Imperial College London, where I had the opportunity to explore current scientific research. However, I found myself more fascinated by the actual application of this research, which is why I have chosen the Physician Associate Masters. Also, working with my local Muslim community, I realised that there is a lack of support in areas surrounding mental health. Through my studies I aim to directly help young Muslims in their everyday stresses, as well as creating a support network for them to turn to.

Marihah Uddin
MA Counselling, Goldsmiths University of London

We all face struggles in our lives, and often our problems become overwhelming and yet we still do not ask for support. That is where we all tend to go wrong. Asking for help is not for the weak, in fact it makes us stronger. Having completed my BSc in Clinical Psychology, I aim to combat the social stigma surrounding counselling and want to instil within the community the belief that there is nothing wrong with seeking help. My hobbies also include traveling and I also aspire to provide care to Muslims in all continents Insha’allah.

Rhozina Uddin
MSc Psychology, London South Bank University

For ten years I have been part of the leadership and management team of the Ihsan Nursery and Children Centre in one of the most socially and economically deprived boroughs in the country. Improving educational outcomes for Muslim children living in deprivation has been a major focus of my career and my sole motivation for studying and working towards becoming an Education Psychologist. It is my hope that I will be able to use my experience of project management, and my knowledge of child development, to drive up education standards in areas of high deprivation, as well as carry out consultancy and outreach work in the charity/PVI sector.

Ayesha Ulhaq
MA Social Research, University of Sheffield

Having graduated with a BA in Social policy and Sociology, I am now pursuing an MA in Social Research. I am interested in the formation and development of Muslim communities in modern Britain, where young Muslims, in particular, are paving their way to success despite the rise in Islamophobia and structural inequality. By engaging with the British Muslim population I aspire to have our voices, history, and accomplishments published in core curricula of Higher Education and within academic research. Aside from studies, I am currently working at the Department for Education in user-centred policy and research.

Habib Ullah
LLM Law, University of Birmingham

I am a graduate of the world renowned Darul Uloom Bury, successfully completing the Hifdh of the Holy Quran and also the Aalimiyyah course leading to the grant of Ijazah (certification) in the Islamic sciences. Subsequently, I qualified as a Solicitor, demonstrating a keen interest in social justice through working in the area of social welfare law, advising and representing the most disadvantaged in society for more than 20 years. I am fortunate to be involved with a number of Masaajid, schools and charitable organisations where I deliver lessons, lectures and seminars with a view to empowering our community to address the challenges of life while retaining our Islamic values and ethos.

Baris Varli
MSc Development Studies, SOAS University of London

I am an aspiring academic and policy analyst, wanting to focus on the role of development discourse in public policy and international aid/intervention. Throughout my academic life I have been active in student politics, holding various positions in the Student Union. Furthermore I have embarked on several entrepreneurial projects and have taken part in a number of highly competitive internships, in addition to volunteering for domestic and international organisations. In my free time I like to focus on the Quran and listen to my favourite podcasts, as well as spending time with my family and friends.

Salman Waqar
MSc Evidence Based Healthcare, University of Oxford

I am a GP in Berkshire completing an MSc in Evidence Based Medicine at the University of Oxford. This is building on my work as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow where I will be looking at the evidence base for cancer screening promotion in faith-based settings. Many minority communities in the UK, especially those from the Muslim communities, have poor cancer outcomes; in part due to poor uptake of cancer screening and late detection of the disease. My research aims to explore the evidence around faith as an effective means of engaging with cancer screening. From this I am hoping to inform policy around improving cancer screening and diagnosis by demonstrating the value of co-production with faith communities, and hopefully help save a few more lives in the process.

Miranda Williams
MA Sociology of Eduation, Institute of Education University of London

As a black Muslim teacher I feel a sense of responsibility to advocate for Muslim and ethnic minority children and their parents who may lack the cultural and social capital to achieve their best in educational attainment. This Masters will allow me to gain more knowledge on the inequalities within our education system as well as how policies are made and challenged. I intend to share this knowledge with parents in the community to empower them to get the best possible outcomes for their children.

Mohamed Yussuf
MSc Computer Science, Birkbeck University of London

I graduated with a BSc in Information Systems from Brunel University, after which I spent several years studying Islamic knowledge. With an Aziz Foundation scholarship, I wish to reach a level where I can create applications and software that are of benefit to all people insha’Allah. My hope is that when future historians look back, they describe today’s Muslims as giants in STEM subjects, in a similar vein to how we see the great inventors, astrologists and mathematicians of the Islamic Golden Age.

Anam Zafar
MA Applied Translation, University of Leeds

Many of today’s refugees and asylum seekers are Muslim. Our tendency to speak about migrants rather than asking them to speak to us is contributing to a climate of rising xenophobia and Islamophobia in the UK and abroad. With an MA in Applied Translation Studies, I want to put refugees and asylum seekers in charge of the pens, microphones and cameras that document their stories. Through my own translation services, the language barrier cannot be used as an excuse for denying these people a platform, creating a more just representation of new and established migrant communities.

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